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What is the process flow of dry mixed mortar in Chengdu?

Author: admin Date: 2022/2/19 Attention: Qr code sharing
Dry mix mortar (also known as dry powder mortar) is a professional production equipment, microcomputer controlled automatic dry mix mortar mixing station through sand pretreatment (including drying and screening), batching, mixing, storage packaging or bulk factory production of "dry mix" ready-mixed commodity mortar。Due to the strict weighing ratio in the production process, and the corresponding chemical additives are added according to the different functional requirements of the mortar, the quality of the mortar is greatly improved。The application of dry mixed mortar avoids the quality defects of manual preparation on site, ensures the construction quality, reduces urban garbage and environmental pollution, and improves the degree of civilized construction。It is a new kind of green material with broad market prospect。 下面Chengdu dry mix mortar manufacturersTake you to understand its process is what。

Dry mixed mortar refers to the initial sand after drying and screening with a small amount of cementing materials (cement, gypsum) and trace high-tech additives, according to the scientific formula processed into a uniform mixture, the finished mortar according to different uses with anti-shrinkage, anti-cracking, heat insulation, moisture-proof and other characteristics。The product can be transported to the site in the form of packaging or bulk, and can be used directly after adding water and mixing according to the specified proportion。The production process is as follows:

1. Sand pretreatment includes quarrying, crushing, drying, (milling), screening and storage。If there is river sand, it only needs to be dried and screened, and where there are conditions, finished sand can be directly purchased and sent into the sand storage bin。

2, binder, filler and additives into the corresponding storage bin。

3. Ingredients are measured according to the formula。

Chengdu dry mixed mortar

4, all kinds of raw materials into the mixer for mixing。

5. The finished mortar is sent to the finished product storage bin for product packaging or bulk。

6, product delivery to the site。Bulk dry mixed mortar must be transported in bulk silos or special bulk transport vehicles to prevent segregation and affect the construction quality of the project。

7. Dry mixed mortar is put into the mortar mixer and mixed with water in proportion。

8. Use special mortar pump to transport the mixed mortar to the site or directly carry out the site shotcrete construction。

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