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Sichuan wet mixed ground mortar

简介—— Sichuan wet mixed ground mortar manufacturers explain the technical properties of mortar: the workability of newly mixed mortar The workability of mortar refers to whether the mortar is easy to spread into a uniform, continuous thin layer on the surface of masonry, and

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Sichuan wet mixed ground mortarThe technical properties of mortar explained by the manufacturer:

Workability of freshly mixed mortar

The workability of mortar refers to whether the mortar is easy to lay a uniform and continuous thin layer on the surface of brick and stone, and the nature of tight bonding with the base。Including fluidity and water retention two aspects of meaning。

(1) Liquidity

The main factors affecting the fluidity of mortar are the type and amount of cementing material, water consumption and the type and particle of fine aggregate。

The shape, thickness and grading, in addition to the mixed materials and admixtures, are also related to the variety and dosage。

Under normal circumstances, the base is porous absorbent material, or when construction under dry and hot conditions, mortar with large fluidity should be selected。On the contrary, the base absorbs less water, or under wet and cold conditions, mortar with small fluidity should be selected。

(2) Water retention

Water retention refers to the ability of mortar to retain water。The mortar with poor water retention will appear in the process of use, resulting in weak bonding between the mortar and the substrate, and the strength of the mortar will be reduced due to the influence of water loss on the normal bonding and hardening of the mortar。

The main factors affecting the water retention of mortar are the type and amount of cementing material, the variety, fineness and water consumption of sand。The water retention of mortar can be improved by adding powdered mixed materials such as stone ash paste and fly ash into mortar。

Hardening the strength of mortar

The factors that affect the strength of mortar are: when the quality of raw materials is certain, the strength of mortar mainly depends on the cement label and the amount of cement。In addition, the strength of mortar is also related to sand, admixtures, mixed materials and masonry and maintenance conditions。When the content of mud and other impurities in sand is high, the strength of mortar is also affected。

According to the various technical properties of mortar, the application of magnesium aluminum silicate thixotropic lubricant in mortar has the following advantages:

Excellent constructability and processability: it can prolong the opening time and operating time of mortar and paste, improve the lubricity of mortar and paste, reduce the stickiness, and improve work efficiency and labor productivity;

Improve the resistance to current hanging: the yield value can make the surface of the mortar and paste more plump and smooth during construction, and reduce the loss of mortar

Good thixotropy: can make the construction more labor saving, improve construction efficiency, reduce labor costs;

Good anti-settlement: reduce settlement and delamination of cement on the floor and flowing flat, and make the structure of the same part consistent;

Storage stability: can make the mortar homogeneous and stable,Prevent delamination and water evolution;Improved pumpability and shear thinning: Reduced friction between cement and sand grains,It has a smooth effect,Make the mortar easy to pump;When the shear force overcomes the yield value, the flow viscosity of mortar can be reduced,Makes pumping easier,Improve delivery efficiency,Thus reducing the overall cost。

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Chengdu wet mix mortar

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